Tablets: Ultimate Buying Machines


Our two cents:
The big takeaway here is that while phones still hold potential for low-involvement purchases, it’s the tablet, which is the device that ultimately  leads to sales. But retailers need to take this information with a grain of salt, as tablet owners naturally appeal to shoppers with a higher household income (HHI), which means they simply have more money to spend to beging with. Furthermore, until the market has low to mid-priced tablets, we won’t truly know if the tablet makes people buy more or not. Within a year, we should be able to compare conversino rates of high-end tablets, e.g, iPads vs. the conversion rates of lower-priced tablets, e.g., Amazon Fire. Still, some of the tablet shopper attributes mentioned are quite alluring:

  1. Tablet shoppers tend to have a 25%-50% higher conversion rate
  2. They buy more, i.e., larger shopping carts
  3. Retailer Abercrombie, Macy’s and Gap all say they are seeing the highest percentage of conversions from shoppers using tablets

Some other interesting tidbits:

  1. Cosmetics chain Sephora uses the same website for tablets as it does for PC
  2. Many retailers are revamping both their traditional websites, rethinking the traditional point and click web models of the 90′s
  3. Mobile sites for many of these retailers are still seeing more traffic, but may account for less overall sales than tablets

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